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Based on our experience (i.e. the example of the motion of a planets) we know that the reality can be described with the possibly simplest model, regardless of what we are able to observe....

...And the simplest model of the four-dimensional reality is the Euclidean space...
Hitherto modelNew Model - FER (Four dimensional Euclidean Reality)

The space and time dimensions are the dimensions that create the space-time reality.
The time dimension is perpendicular to the three space dimensions

As a result we are dealing with deformation of dimensions in the frames of moving bodies. Combination of this deformation of dimensions with the relativity of motion leads to a number of misunderstandings and paradoxes, vide Hafele&Keating paradox.

RESULT: It is assumed that the reality is observed as Lotentzian (xt) because it is really Lorentzian.
The Relativity Theory is complex and incomprehensible.

The dimensions of time and space are not the dimensions creating the reality any more but only certain directions in the Euclidean Reality FER.

The directions in the FER perceived as the space dimensions are perpendicular to the trajectory of a currently observed body and not to the time axis of the observer as it has been assumed until now.
The trajectory of the observer is its time axis
THE ADVANTAGE: Great simplification of description of phenomena and possibility of applying comprehensible and clear geometrical interpretation.
RESULT: The reality (ab) is Euclidean but we are able observe it only as if it was Lorentzian (xt).
The Relativity Theory becomes simple and comprehensible!

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